In my continual journey to create other worlds with photography, I ultimately created a series in which the atmosphere is more important than the setting. The images are of soft, glowing skies viewed from a diminutive perspective. The setting could be a dark forest from the point of view of a person, or it could be ground cover and weeds from the point of view of an insect. Is this a sunrise that will eliminate the darkness, or a sunset that will succumb to the shadows of the environment? Is the viewer about to sleep, or is he/she/it just waking?

Everything in these photographs are fake. The sky is my computer screen going through the motions of a screen saver. The plants are plastic. One square foot of space held this environment. When I first began to photograph the plants on my desk, apart from the laptop, I realized that the sleeping computer was creating what looked like an atmosphere. It looked like a landscape with a sky, but there was something off about it. This propelled me to go further, and explore the idea of a strange world with a sky that glowed without a sun. What resulted was a beautiful feeling of uncertainty. You are left comparing the hope of the illuminated sky with the bizarre darkness of the forest.