Food Landscapes

Food has innate qualities that relate to their sources; food comes from the earth and flesh. At the same time food can be processed passed distinction, becoming something far from the earth. We take care in what goes into our bodies, but sometimes we cannot be sure about the origins. In the act of making something edible we manipulate it, cut it, butcher it, add chemicals. Food is a massacre.

Several of these images are an emotional response to devastating and mysterious accidents and phenomena that occurred primarily during the Cold War. I used food items to sculpt a landscape as a stage for these tragedies. To capture the horror I manipulated the food as the victims were. Those who died in the incidents depicted were frozen, burned, irradiated, and mutilated at the hand of the government and or human error. I wanted to explore creating menacing environments that create a sense of heat, cold, and fear.

People were wiped off the face of the earth so violently without explanation. In some cases the secrecy of these events caused the imaginations of citizens to run wild. In most cases the tragedies were completely under wraps until the shocking truth was revealed decades later. Imagine the sick feeling of being fed falsities, a higher authority controlling information consumption.